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Lola Kovács

visual artist

lives in Budapest, Hungary

"Nature, the universe, human beings, blood, plants and many other things appear in her pieces as mystical events. Organic forms are given extra life while dead or artificial things seem to be filled with energy and will. Myths, elements of spiritual tradition and moments of culture history fill the cognitive dimensions. " Tünde Bognár

"When Lola Kovács magnifies and then cuts out  a particular detail, she immediately highlights and places in a new dimension a special surface constellation. She does not simply make the meaningful details of the physical and biological body grow, but she places details, faces and eyes into a space almost conceivable as some sort of a  landscape.  She does something like turning the anthroposophical view into theosophy with the help of  and on the level of  visuality, that is to say, she seems to be able  to visualise easily and generously an entirely syncretic and purely theoretical way of thinking into practice. Her method of creating the giant detail immediately finds averages and evens things up, or to put it into more sublime words she lends universal significance to her subject, she initiates adjective into epithet. Within her pictures the ordinary and the metaphysical merge. " István Hajdu

photo József Rosta



Solo exhibits

2021 Alchemy, Neon Gallery, Budapest

2020 Hot Mirror, Neon Gallery, Budapest

2019 Lost Border- with Teréz Szilágyi, Fuga, Budapest

2018 Hair, Fészek Gallery, Budapest

2017 Pops up and doesn't sink in, Gödör Club, Spicc Studio, Budapest - with Donáta Gajzágó

2016 In regard, Vízivárosi Gallery, Budapest - with Norbert Kotormán

2015 Vertigo, Fészek Gallery, Budapest

2011 The Roman Cat, Fészek Gallery, Budapest

2010 Joy and Despair, Léna'Roselli Gallery, Budapest

2010 UpsideMirror, Budapest Gallery - with Teréz Szilágyi

2008 Protection, Fészek Gallery, Budapest

2005 Crow, City Exhibition Hall - Deák Collection, Székesfehérvár

2005 Raiffeisen Bank Gallery, Budapest

2003 Resonances, Ateliers pro Arts, A.P.A.!, Budapest

2003 Painters' View, Gallery, Budapest

2001 Hail to the Guests, Fészek Gallery, Budapest

2001 Artists' Colony Gallery, Szentendre

1999 Horror Temporis, Fészek Gallery, Hermann Hall, Budapest


- has exhibited at major national venues as well as at international group shows in

London, Dublin, Rome, Venice, Frankfurt, Vienna, Munich, Sofia, Abu Dhabi, New York, Trieste, Zagreb, Brussels, Ljubljana and Hanoi


Works in Public Collections

Imago Mundi Collection - Luciano Bennetton Foundation

Ludwig Museum - Contemporary Museum, Budapest

MNG - Hungarian National Gallery

Paks Museum

Raiffeisen bank Collection

Strabag Collection


Public Art

FLOW - by Lola Kovács and Teréz Szilágyi

1,8x18 meters, painted glass and plexi glass with led lights in metal frame commissioned by Nyíregyháza College - Kodály auditorium in 2009 (art-universitas project) Hungary



1996-98 Postgraduate studies, MKF - Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest

1992-96 MKF - Hungarian University of Fine Arts, painting

1991-96 ELTE University, Budapest, English


Scholarships, Residency and Prizes

2019 Art Circle Slovenia

2013 Artist residency in Saudi Arabia as a guest of the Saudi Ministry of Culture


Award of the Ministry of Culture, One-Weeker, Műucsarnok, Budapest

2003 Strabag Prize for Painters - First Prize

2002 2 months residency at the Hungarian Academy in Rome, Italy

2002 1 year residency at Ateliers pro Arts, A.P.A.!, Budapest

2001 Barcsay prize

1998-2000 Derkovits scholarship

1997 2 months residency in Stuttgart (Leonberg), Walz Foundation


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