Budapest 2013

The doctors who are not fighting, the artists, the students, the men who refuse to pick up the guns, they are, too, excluded from the negotiating tables.

Az orvosok, akik nem harcolnak, a művészek, a diákok, a férfiak akik megtagadják a fegyverek felvételét, ők is ki vannak rekesztve a tárgyaló asztaloktól.

photos: Katalin Haász, Teréz Szilágyi



Pepita Ofélia, 2013  .

State of Emergency - art and politics

Szükségállapot - művészet és politika pepitában eseménysorozat záróestje

special thanks - János Korodi

performance at the opening of the exhibiton Roman Cat
Fészek Gallery, Budapest 2011

Milk is still stored in plastic bags in Hungary. As a child I had been fascinated by this, and I still wonder… liquid stored in plastic bags! So I decided to make something entirely different using these bags. I cut them into stripes, fixed them into longer ones and built a headdress. Each stripe is fixed onto the ceiling so the whole piece hangs in the air. I have exhibited this piece in Budapest in 2011, and as a performance I wore the headdress at the opening.

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